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E-rate links
Links to e-rate info

Folder: Tech planning 
Universal Services Administrative Company SLD home page, definitive e-rate info
Thanks to Funds for Learning
How to file for discounts on your phone and internet service beyond e-rate
USDOE re how to evaluate tech use.  Appendix C includes sample surveys including teacher needs assessment, professional development, administrator tech, school hardware, and student computer use.  Dated but easy to adapt.
California Technology Assistance Project region 11; part of LACOE site; good links include tech planning
California Technology Assistance Project region 8
Tech support & training resources to help K-12 school technologists.  I'm working with them on obtaining MyTechDesk access for ADLA schools.
Includes National Educational Technology Standards:  NETS for Students 2007, NETS for Teachers 2008; consider when drafting goals/objectives.
PD site of SF CA Jesuit HS; includes CatTech blog.
Fall 2013 E-rate and CTF Trainings:

* E-rate for California Beginner Applicants Powerpoint
* Video recordings of 2013 Beginner Training:
* E-rate/CTF for California Intermediate/Advanced Applicants Powerpoint

Archives:  Resources for Technology Plan Approvers; training from 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007
Recording of the K12HSN December 2013 e-rate and CTF training
Use PIN 31767